Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yana Raymi-Guerreros Del Sol (2015)

I was curious about this band,and when I put the disc in my CD-player, the surprise: probably the best definition for Yana Raymi's well-crafted music is "Peruvian folk death/thrash. With this album, Yana Raymi is able to blend influences of Thrash and Death metal from the 90's adding elements of Peruvian folk music. The result is impressing. We have here some vigorous metal, that is heavy and extremely well played. The vocals are aggressive and melodic in some parts. There is another interesting facts about this album: The guitar sound is perfect for the kind of music this band plays, as it is solid and heavy, but still clear enough to allow the listener to feel all the details of the riffs and solos. The quality of the recording is perfect, it's important to mention. The bass and the drums are heavy, solid and creative too. But what really calls my the attention in this album are the typical instruments from Peru. I mean the flutes, Charangos  and all the others. These amazing instruments add a great atmosphere to the songs and are very well placed too. Songs like "Resistencia Andina","Donde los dioses aguardan",and the epic piece "Guerreros del sol" are 100% flawless, pure genius. Wait until strange folk-laden instruments and death metal influences softly stroke this typical sound, making it what these Peruvian shredders are all about. If you have the opportunity of buying this, do it. this band is fkn good. Definitely this album already have a special place in my collection along with "Testimonios" of the legendary Kranium. Fantastic !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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