Sunday, November 8, 2015

Necrocosm-Damnation Doctrine (2015)

Necrocosm is a mix between death and thrash metal, most of the riffs and leads are played more in a thrash manner while the drumming, vocals, and solos are more firmly in the death metal style. In essence you could call "Damnation Doctrine" an extreme thrash album, with a technical edge. First off the songs themselves are mainly played at very high tempos and the solos are almost entirely played in the Morbid Angel, Slayer style which is fast guitar picked distorted soloing that lasts for a short time. Slayer seems to be a big influence on this band style which uses a lot of Slayer’s techniques. Fortunately most of the songs are very entertaining and filler is almost non existent. Even when Necrocosm slows it down to more mid tempo parts the songs are still very entertaining. The band’s playing is very tight which shows they are highly capable musicians who exhibit incredible skill since most of their songs are played at very high tempos. The vocals are quite unique in death metal because they are bellowed in way that is easily decipherable to the listener. The guitar work and riffs are insane and to the point. The drumming is nearly flawless and is very double kick bass driven with some absolutely pummeling rhythms considering its 2015 and every drummer nowadays are fkn beasts. The bass does a killer job as well.  Necrocosm brings a brutal chaos with this album and belongs in any thrash or death metal collector’s collection. The best songs are "Disavow", "Necrocosm" and " Forcefed Progeny" ( insane vocals on this one). I recommend this album to any extreme metal fan who likes technically challenging death/thrash albums. Insane !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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