Sunday, November 8, 2015

Runa-Bullets Of Annihilation (Ep-2015)

Runa completely fufilled my expectations. Very aggressive give this ep a kick ass old school sound, but still original at its core. I am also glad to hear better production and more varied drum work on this release, not that there was anything wrong with these things on the previous tracks i heard on you tube, but it gives it a much better sound. Featuring Diego Porturas (Zavotage/Kraken) on drums and Giovanni Lama (Epilepsia) on Lead guitars and bass for the recording of this Ep. First I will say that this band is absolutely amazing in both songwriting and overall riffs. While I actually enjoyed Runa at Lima Metal fest, I must say that these tracks rule. As mentioned before, the production on this ep is also a big step up from the previous songs on you tube. It has much more bass added and creates some great stuff for this one. The guitar sounds killer, the drummer rips, and Alex's vocals sound more full of hate. This is definitely a new sound while still retaining most of what made Peruvian metal what it is.If you enjoy savage, raw blackened Thrash metal, I have no doubt that you will enjoy this. You might sense that I'm getting a bit excited about this recording, but its an Ep worth getting excited about. If you see this band on stage you will understand what i'm talking about. While I can't necessarily say that it is my favorite release of 2015, I can definitely say that it is at least as good as anything the peruvian metal scene has done before. Cheers to that Runa !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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