Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Everscathed-Scars To Bare (2015)

Most of this album is steeped in the slower grooving character mixed with maddened frenzies of thrashing beats and tremolo riffing. The intermingling of slower grooving sections with pummeling chug riffs vs. the faster, mid 80s Slayer-inspired thrashing is marked by a somewhat moderated sense of build up through mid-tempo bridge sections. as well as some midpaced riffs that are absolutely crushing. "The Grand Leveller" is most reminiscent of the band's fellow countrymen (and woman) in it's creeping, midpaced mayhem but the title track here shows off the band's ability to go at much faster tempos and it sounds good. Vocal performance here adds a darker atmosphere to the sound. The drumming on here does it's job just fine so no complaints here. The bass is pretty good throughout, thumping along audibly while also providing some nice fills. A cool death metal record, so if you haven't heard these guys then you now have some homework to do.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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