Sunday, November 29, 2015

Silent Line-Shattered Shores (2015)

What impressed me the most is the music, vocals, production and mixing as well as the lyrics. I can't see myself writing off this release to just be total crap because I wouldn't be being honest, but I'm not. So keep in tune to what I have to say here, there are heavy guitars, talking more about the music,melodic death and groove metal. They also throw in some thrash sound into it showing their influences of genuinely. This I think is good. and made the music so much more desirable. I like every song on here. I think the rhythm guitars show their brutality even though they're not playing at fast tempos much. The riffs here are thick, but they still have that melodic feel to them. They're expressing art-work with this one.  Definitely worth checking out. Don't just consider though what I think or others think of this album, consider what you think. I don't think that I'm totally off on this, I think that this album is a "A" to me, but it's just what I think. Think "melodic/groove/thrash" and you'll have all of those styles in here. Silent Line put out quality music!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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