Sunday, June 25, 2017

Aborted Fetus-The art of Violent Torture (2017)

When I got the promotional copy of this in the mail the first thing I noticed was the stunning nature of the artwork. The album itself is constructed extremely well in terms of layout and relevant to this year. It's obvious that this is not just a group of musicians who decided to do this just because they couldn't figure out anything better to do. This record, to my pleasent suprise, is a masterwork for the death metal genre.Thankfully, the music is just as stunning as the artwork. Triple-speed drum hits and thick-and-brutal guitar work is all in place...the riffwork complex, the production well-spaced and the drumming diverse and battering...not for all humans! A beastly performance given by the vocalist. This is a nessesary record for the death metal genre in a broad sense. It challenges a past legacy of bands without even attempting to rewrite it. The vibe, the musicianship and the intelligent construction that existed in the early years is alive and well on this release.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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