Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pathology- Pathology (2017)

A good production and mix. If you ask me, this is the new sound of death metal bands these days. I mean, I do love the grindy beefy tone  but the guitar tone on this album is perfectly sludgy and grinding enough to be brutal but the vocals is something i don't dig it, the style is fkn brutal but vocals like that ?c'mon.The production cuts everything into this super mucky, but still kind of clean, and heavy wall of brutality, but becomes tiring.So, the album; the guitars and drums drive this album, leaving the vocals aside ,this band has excellent musicianship.The drumming is perfection, superb drumming. He knows exactly when to place an ultra fast double bass fill or an intense blast section to bridge those brilliant riffs. So, we've already discussed the musical aspects and technical aspects of this album. Now, how does the album as a whole hold up? Well, considering it’s vocals, the style of brutality lends itself better to casual listens, but is still a bit tedious after five or six songs with that kind of vocals.This album is definitely recommended to any and all new fans od death metal , slam metal or whatever you call it. I really enjoyed the music but not the vocals.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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