Sunday, June 25, 2017

Logic of Denial-Aftermath (2017)

Logic of denial have made a modern day death metal gem. It appears as though they tried to step into the shoes of the most depraved beings on the planet. The result is a very heavy, death metal assault led by an ungodly drumming. He seems to purposefully play some of the rhythms in a very non-standard way and the result is refreshing, very unique drum patterns which you're not likely to find on any other death metal release, the lower tuned guitars fit the music perfectly.There seems to be a lack of solos on this album on first listen, but that is not an issue because it is neutralized by the fact that the riffs are incredible technical and mind bending. The riffs, in conjunction with vocalist, incredibly brutal death metal vocals, form a violent canvas for these technical death metal maniacs. Even when they try slower doom-like riffs, the results are excellent, because they know when to speed it up just the right amount at just the right time. This is Death Metal at their most pissed off. This album feature some insanely technical riffs accompanied by insane drumming. It is just that fucking good. If you like brutal/technical death metal of the highest order with insane instrumentation, look no further.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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