Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tormented-Natural Immortality Doctrine (Demo Tape 2017)

Raw and savage.I can listen to it?  fuck yeah.It is a bludgeoning, nihilistic ride to Hell for certain, it does have an infuriating energy and attitude, from the frantic "Impious Assumption" and the infectiously catchy "Henchmen's Cave". Song structures are simplistic and generic, in the vein of Death in "Scream Bloody Gore", enough riffs changes to hold things together well.
The music ejecution itself is very much full of life and enthusiasm, and shows promise, We also have here vocals frighteningly intense. The demo as a whole is pleasingly dark, from the dank, murky cover artwork, to the brutal and nasty sound. If you are new to death metal, this would be a very good place to begin your journey. Killer demo by these Peruvian maniacs !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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