Sunday, June 25, 2017

Antropofagus-Methods of Resurrection through Evisceration (2017)

You have to respect extreme bands for the consistency in death metal or at least keep it alive.This release sounds surprisingly fresh and highly calculated. The production is a bit on the raw side in the guitar tone but it sounds awesome. The production truly creates a wall of sound that makes Antropofagus memorable. These impenetrable melodies are hard to beat.What makes a death album achieve a brutal status is one unalterable fact: every song must dominate. And dominating their instruments is one thing this band are certainly capable of doing. The voice sounds demonic with the growls on the lower end of the mid range spectrum. The bass is very technical and only adds to the complex mind fuck this band creates.The drummer is the fucking man . He seems to find the best balance between unrelenting blast beats and elite cymbal work but never grows repetitive. The guitar work is nothing short of phenomenal and there really aren't many guitar solos at all. All in all, there are really no flaws on this album. It keeps you interested, and you want to keep coming back to it. I know I've listened to it a good number of bands classics and new ones, and i'm proud to received this one for a review. A brutal death metal release from 2017 ladies and gentlemen.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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