Saturday, June 24, 2017

Paralysis-Life Sentence (2017)

This young band has been leaning more and more towards a thrash metal style of music. The music itself has progressively gotten much more complicated in terms of structure and overall performances by the band members themselves. This album is an excellent example of what Thrash Metal should sound like. This album is incredibly strong in terms of both riffs and drum patterns. The lyrics are very cool as well and although, the seriousness of the topics cannot be denied. One of the more unique things about this album is the drumming it is a fucking bulldozer, it almost sounds as a destructive machine, and for a young band the good thing about it, is that there is no signs of nu-metal shit laden trendy faggot rock, just pure undeniable Thrash. Overall, this is probably their best work so far. The song writting is top shelf and the thrash/groove is strong and prevalent throughout this entire onslought of pristine Bay Area styled tunes. (even though this is a Jersey band). Highlights on this album are..."Life sentence", "Deepest Void" , "All your lies" and "Karma"....Highly recommended thrash album by Paralysis!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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