Saturday, June 24, 2017

Terravore-Apocalyptic Impact (2016)

An excellent album nonetheless, sounds very harsh, vocals are great and the chaotic solos are present. The drumming on here is very tight and very enjoyable, quick and furious. The riffs are also something of a very big highlight on this album. There are tons of them, and they are all so very catchy. I don't think I've listened to an album with at least half as many catchy riffs as this album, well besides Terrible Certainty by Kreator back in the day. This is definitely a riff heaven and the biggest advantage of this album. And if I could think of a negative on this album it would only be that this album is pretty short, although it does make up for it in quality. Some excellent songs and highlights of the album are definitely "Abominable Rancor" with its quick and harsh melodies and " Dark side of the Force"  is also one of the best songs here with its excellent drum and riffs intro.The album sound is fkn raw and that's a good thing in Thrash Metal. Other than that this album is loaded with cruelty and power as anything else.  If you like early Kreator and Massacra this band is definitely worth to listen !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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