Sunday, April 24, 2016

Casket Robbery-Evolution Of Evil (2016)

A mix of death metal influences to their music. Changes in the riffing and a different approach in terms of composition show the band facing music from other perspectives apart from this genre of extreme music. Also, they don’t fear to venture into thrasher territories and they come up with brutal stuff to their music. The production of the drums, contributes with energy that compliments the work of his band mates. This can particularly be heard during the first half of the album, the blast-beats are predominant. The vocalist doesn’t do anything else than scream and spit the truth about the reality we live in. If I have to recognize something about these lyrics, is the intention to tell people to open their eyes about what’s happening rather than saying 'fuck the government, the government is shit, fuck it!'. I won't go into a detailed analysis of the lyrical content in this album as it is not the main point of the review, I'm trying to give a general vision of it, but I encourage anyone to read his lyrics, they’re really worth it. All in all, Casket Robbery succeeds at something that is quite difficult these days, that it is to remain consistent without losing the essence of the extreme metal sound. This is an album that you won’t get tired so easily of. Even if you didn't like this album at first, I would suggest listening again because it really is a grower.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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