Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Estigma-Revenge (2016)

Powerful, Death/thrash metal called Estigma. Paul Pinto has proven to be one hell of a drummer; and this lineup is probably the best Estigma  line-up. I'm ecstatic to see the band back to the familiar form of a hungry, extreme metal machine. The album kicks off with "Revenge", a tremendously speedy riff galloping perfectly into my sensory chamber. Vocals are solid, what I find most engaging are the guitars - fast and furious, yet stylish with some great hooks - and I'm even more enthralled to find that this isn't a one or two-off occurence; the album is rife with such moments of musical lucidity. We seem to get a taste of old school metal but with a fkn solid production. Aside from a stellar production and revitalized musicianship, the added flavor of this album is the lyrical content. Social segregation, hate, pain, and a degenerative society are all covered with a swift, yet finely-crafted energy that never falls into trite predictability. The title track is destined to become an instant Estigma classic. After hearing this album I keep reminding myself that Estigma is back with a rancorous vengeance, my friends. What has happened to Estigma over the last years is a familiar sandtrap that too many bands fall into (family, jobs, etc....). I can't state any more emphatically how good this Estigma album is from start to finish and that makes me feel damn good. Estigma is a large part of my life, i remember i got their demo back in the late 90's when i moved to United States and listening that demo helped me thru hard times. See them return is both illuminating and thrilling. 11 killer tracks including songs from their early demo. I sincerely hope that the core of this line-up stays around for a while. For me, I think this album is fkn killer. Good job by these Peruvian maniacs!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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