Friday, April 29, 2016

Hexfire-S/T (2015)

A vicious, thrash/death monster so wonderfully executed on this piece. What we have here is a brutal release from Hexfire, a four piece band, brilliant crunchy guitars leads more and a great level of brutality, this is pure raw power, so crazy and almost technical; this album is a fucking awesome headbanging material right from the beginning.  The guitars sound wonderfully distorted and crunchy, giving the songs an added heavy sound. Drumwork is killer, as he knows when to use blast beasts at the appropriate moment and doesn't really overpower all the other musicians. Vocals are somewhat of an acquired taste, very different, the vocals are not a growl, but a very harsh bark or roar. I can also sense a level of anger/hatred in his vocal attack and delivery, which brings his vocals up a notch or so. There's also a very savage cover of Slayer " Postmortem. I highly recommend this album to anyone into death/Thrash metal, even thrash or hardcore fans will enjoy this album. It's a perfect hybrid album. Buy this!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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