Saturday, April 2, 2016

Savage Master-With Whips and Chains" (2016)

Savage Master is a traditional heavy metal with female vocals, Stacey Savage is a very powerful singer and a joy to listen to. "With Whips and Chains" is a killer track, actually catchy and fun to sing along with. The guitar melody is very 80's at times. This is a good song to play when you're thinking about your worst enemy, well in case you have one? ,maybe my favorite song on the album. Stacey sounds very aggressive here which gives a great overall feel to the song. "Path of the Necromancer" is a killer tune as well, keeping their traditional heavy metal sound. So when it comes to the music, well, it is basically great sounding metal with enough heaviness. One thing this band has is the amazingly well-composed guitar playing. The style of Savage Master is nothing we haven't heard before but it's definitely good for some headbanging. So if you're a fan of old school metal you'll enjoy listening to this album. Well done guys !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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