Sunday, April 24, 2016

Evil Army-Violence and War (Ep-2015)

I'd first like to note that "Violence and War" is a great album title, and the cover art here is wonderful. I'd also like to state that this may just be the finest hour for speedsters Evil Army. Memorable tracks, and this Ep is just so fast and fun, for the most part.  "Army Of Doom" is the first metal injection of the disc, and it's quite intense, catchy riffs like a wilder, uncouth Destruction. "The Assault" returns to a blood-crazed frenzy thrash barrage, breaking for speed riffing amidst the chug and crash of its verse rhythm. This new Ep sounds as it should, razor sharp guitars playing quite fast through much of the material, fast bass player and keeps the single-minded shred of Rob Evil anchored. The drums  are energetic for their day, and all of this combined makes Evil Army hold up well in today's metal clime. The lyrics are quite violent as most of the songs are quite good. This Ep stuck to the same basic style and it's a bit more cohesive as a whole and has a thicker guitar sound. This new release is absolutely irresistible if you like your music fast fast fast - get your fix of Violence and War NOW!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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