Sunday, April 24, 2016

Enthean-Priests Of Annihilation (2016)

This album by Enthean is a crushing machine. "Priests Of Annihilation" is ultrafast, ultraviolent and still damn catchy.  You can't sit or stand still when you hear this. You just have to scream along with vocalist, it's that catchy. The album is totally unpredictable, brutal, well-structured. From start to finish. This is a piece of art. After listening to this album for about 10 times i have know a pretty good idea of what this album is about. First of all the production of this record is brutal as well the musicianship but not monotonous like some Death Metal are. The guitar work is technical and destructive. The drumming is fast and precise and everything fits perfectly alltogether with awesome bass-work. So far this band could give such brutal destruction and at the same time be so technical. If you like "Satanica" by Behemoth, you'll enjoy this one for sure. Satan would be scared...if he hears this one.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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