Sunday, April 24, 2016

S.C.O.D-Speak Chinese Or Die (2014)

If you´re looking for expert musicants, don´t touch this one. S.C.O.D. from China delivers raw crust punk. If you like Napalm Death´s Peel Sessions, then you should also check this one out. Well, as said, this is intense stuff. The sound of the record is very strongly stressed on guitars that leave almost everything behing. Behind the guitars one can hear very intense yet techically unperfect drumming. Actually, it is hard to tell, what the drummer is beating, so insane is his style. The guitars are, as I said, loud, sounding raw yet not losing their power. Primitive and straight forward. There is no escaping the dual-vocals thing. First we go a guy who shouts and growls, then we have another guy who screams. This is  worth checking out - But be warned, this is raw stuff.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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