Saturday, April 2, 2016

Condition Critical-Extermination Plan (2016)

Face-melting, spine-wrecking, neck-snapping, bone-crunching, head-crushing, skull-fracturing, ass-kicking, gut-wrenching, mind-blowing … I could basically trot out all the tired clichés that are meant to explain just how hard something rocks and they would still go only halfway toward describing how insanely, utterly heavy this one is. Pure thrash Metal here, and yes, I am a thrash metal maniac. In all fairness, it must be said that Condition Critical did their homework with the release of this new album. Everything here sounds just perfectly crystal clear and extra crisp without ever appearing sterile or over-produced. Heaviness, speed, and brutality. I mean, listen to the entire album and tell me this doesn’t rip your face right off. Overall, the musical performance on this album is nearly flawless – the band plays as tight and precise as a piece of well-oiled machinery, even though they are not exactly masters of technicality and they're young guys. New Vocalist Ryan (also in Solstice) shouts are pretty impressive as well, conjuring up images of some mentally deranged wino who’s about to get loaded only to have his booze taken from him – in other words, he sounds seriously pissed off and very menacing. Tony Barhoum does a great job on guitars along with Ryan Taylor. Oh, and as far as the drums are concerned, what a killer drummer Ryan donato is. Just like the guitarists he doesn’t necessarily wow you with finesse and exotic timing patterns, but he can seemingly hit his snare faster than a machine gun spews forth bullets, Bass player Mike Dreher kick your ass and you're here for even more mayhem. Well, heaviness and brutality are obviously here and are the ingredients needed to create a great album. they have secured a place in the metal scene right now as one of the heaviest thrash outfit of 2016. This ain't for the kiddies. You mallcore kids may want to avoid this & stick with whatever shit is currently brOOtal for your sensitive little ears. Leave stuff like this to us adults who can handle it and the new generation of true metalheads. Pure fucking headbanging mayhem. 100% hands down, one of the best thrash metal albums of this year. If you don't have it, GET IT! Wholeheartedly recommended. Best tracks: the whole damn thing, from beginning to end !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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