Friday, April 29, 2016

Hate Beyond-Verge Of Death (2016)

This is not an exaggeration, Hate Beyond "Verge Of Death" easily is  a true Thrash metal attomic bomb. Right from the start, it had the makings of a masterpiece. An arsenal of brutal riffs,technical but pounding as fuck. The drumming is something else. The screams to terrifying growls can put most death metal vocalists to shame while merciless chugging guitars are propelled by the thick grooves of the rhythm section. This is flawless. The opening song bludgeons listeners with its thrashing blastbeat. This is one of those albums that has absolutely no faults. Hate Beyond have forged the perfect combination of heaviness, hooks, speed, and musicality. I hope this band remains true to their commitment to metal. If you don’t go out and buy "Verge of Death" I’ll have these guys from Japan suplex your sorry ass onto concrete. Wow, I think Hate Beyond just schooled everyone !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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