Friday, April 29, 2016

Them-Fear Them (Limited edition tour cd)

A bunch of musicians that pulled forces to bring us the amazing sound of Them. First I will hit on the talent in this group. First rate musicians from beginning to end. I was particularly taken by the guitar work on here and vocals, only three  tracks here and are mind blowing.  And on a side-note, the production is excellent. The guitars here they are both equally discernable and complement each other rather than fight each other. The voice is also well blended in with the music and don't drown out the background, which is amazing. In conclusion, if you like Heavy or Power Metal in general, you must get this album. If you enjoyed King Diamond or Avantasia, you must get this. And if you like the other bands that the members of this project are in (Symphony X, Suffocation, Lanfear, Sylencer, Lanfear and Coldsteel) you must get this cd. No more excuses, start saving up those hard earned dollars or euros that you get for breaking rocks all day and invest it in a piece of artistic genius. Looking forward to hear their upcoming debut album  !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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