Monday, December 15, 2014

Acid Age-Drone Shark Ethics (2014)

I got to know this band when the vocalist suggested I should listen to them. This young Crossover/Thrash Metal act was formed not so long ago and The underground Thrash Metal scene seems to be still united after all. Mike of The metal detector promotions were kind enough to send me the digital  album. Anyway, who could resist reviewing a relentless Thrash Metal album? These guys have managed to create a pretty interesting, yet totally old school mixture of iron forged Thrash Metal with Crossover touches and some fragments of old pure Hardcore/Punk music. There are times when their similarity with DRI is just amazing! The guitars are razor sharp, the pounding drumming kicks ass and the not so melodic gang vocals are bringing back memories of the old days, when Metal music was coming straight from each musician's heart and passion. That's all that has to be said, nothing more. If you are looking for some good DRI meets WEHRMACHT old school Metal manifesto, then these maniacs can surely do the work for you! The song "Hound Dog" features Felix Griffin on drums. Hold the flag of hate high you crazy motherfuckers! We are waiting for your next assault!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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