Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morbid Macabre-Hell And Damnation

Here's the Debut album of Morbid Macabre leaded by the singer of Colombian legend MASACRE. The ambiguity that existed between death, black and thrash metal in the 80s pretty much goes here, well, this project offers  some of the most truly twisted and brutal material of this era, but we can't forget the masters on this style who were the pioneers, the one and only Sarcofago from Brazil.This release consists of long, epic, yet primative songs that embody the respective characteristics of Morbid Macabre To say that an album like this comes with a few minor flaws. For all the wild variation in tempo going on and the radically differing characteristics of each section which is loaded with hatred, the level of musicianship going on here is at least as advanced as anything that obscure death metal metal was dabbling coming with a healthy dose of complex riffing and wild shred fests, though it falls a little bit behind in terms of cohesiveness. If early Messiah, Possessed and Bathory are on the radar, Morbid Macabre definitely can be found at their border.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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