Thursday, December 4, 2014

Edge Of Haze-Illumine (2014)

To get an idea of the mood of this album, just imagine you’re standing on a desolate plain by a very gloomy stormy night, looking in an old well filled with utterly dark water. Indeed, dark is the key word here,this sounds depressive and, the band has managed to take the best of traditional doom metal (I’m referring to early Paradise Lost) and gothic metal without forgetting the death metal touch to combine them into this unique piece of pure DESPAIR, this album so exceptional. Because this work shows an undeniable GOTHIC feeling – Almost every song begins with a lively (hell, for doom metal of course) guitar-driven verse which generally in the middle of the track turns into a very slow melodic and emotional (in the best way) part more or less interrupted by heavier growled passages. Song structures are indeed complex and exhibiting a single pattern for the whole album would be rather hard. Clean vocals (predominant), growls, short atmospheric interludes, straightforward death-metal parts, spoken passages sometimes and RIFFS alternate in the most perfect manner. Because yes, this album has riffs, both slow and raspy doom metal riffs which account for much in the melancholy of the work, and prevent it from falling into unstructured gothic/atmospheric garbage. Here might well be the secret of this genuine piece of art, the music itself being amongst the saddest you might ever imagine. Some may prefer the more direct, black-sabbath-ish doom metal of the 80’s doom bands, As far as I’m concerned I consider this album as a cool release. Check it out!
Promoter: Curtis Dewar:
Review by Paul Caravasi

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