Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TelochVovin-Rehearsal Promo I (2014)

Sometimes I have no real knowledge of Black metal bands , to me after the 90's they became 'tired, bored and monotonous', So I came to this band, a dependable brutal sound to pad my Metal Nights out even further. This rehearsal promo kicked my ass for my complacency with their tight-as-fuck riffage. Yup, tight, is the word. A band as chaotic as this would reek of sloppiness in the hands of a lesser band, but those guitars burn like a buzzsaw blade over the top of a drumkit being abused by a pillheaded octopus, the craziest blastbeating, double-bass driven beats, interspersed with enough shifts in gear to keep the rhythm fresh and no less evil. Everything leaps out of the speakers, and hopefully seeps through every wall in the house. I'll raise a glass to TelochVovin setting the standard for albums to come. i am not a black Metal fan but this band is fkn impressive, diverse and makes you listen the entire thing without getting bored. Good job!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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