Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Profaner-Promo 2014

Profaner should really need no introduction by now, and that goes double for any death metal fan. Profaner's promo 2014 is one of the dirtier, more pugilistic death metal Peruvian band. This is an essential death metal band. The first of which, are the riffs. This promo features demos of 2008 and 2010, a virulent shit-storm of riffs, which caressed via an achingly low-ass tone splatters your innards across the wall. The bass is perfectly technical, low enough to rumble your bowels and of course highly beneficial to the music. The drummer really hits the nail on the head here. The vocals are quite obviously in the Chuck Schuldiner school of growling which is great, although I feel the vocalist sounds a little more manic and unsettling. The drums are really cool here, with a lot of obscure fills used, setting off more conventional beats, he controls tempo well and really leads everything forward, some of those double pedal crutching youngsters should take a leaf out of his book! Another of the more note-worthy elements displayed on Profaner is that the band aren't afraid to launch into brutal territory. As is normally the case with death metal the lead guitar work is explosive and relevant. On the whole Profaner stands as a disgusting, raw, and dirty ode to death metal. This is the kind of death metal sound that is actually horrifying, the production is their best friend resulting in a raw, festering, mucky sound. This gets my highest recommendation to death metal fans, but I feel this band has reasonable claim to a place in any serious metal fans collection. Essential!
Contact: profaner_deathmetal@hotmail.com
Review by Paul Caravasi

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