Thursday, December 25, 2014

Epilepsia-Assassin (Ep 2014)

This Ep marks a difference from every other Peruvian thrash record of this time. With this release, Epilepsia becomes, with all honours, one of the coolest and respected Thrash metal groups. They joined the first division of  thrash in 1998' and become more convincing and professional. They reached a high level, ready to achieve success and recognition among the rich Peruvian underground metal scene, which by this time, is plenty of young promising bands. If they want to survive and compete with the big of this genre, they already found their own sound, refusing to get stagnant in predictable cliches. That’s what they're doing!The music of Epilepsia evolved and developed into something more elaborated, skillful and fresh, compared to their primitive sound of the early records. The significative changes in the now more difficult arrangements, lenghtier instrumental passages and more solid riffs provide their sound of greater consistency. The song-structures are not incredibly complex, each composition avoids to focus on technique excessively, but the huge improvement is notable particularly the riffs and hooks are devastating and raw most of the time.They even attempted to increase the power and violence of these tracks by including faster loose tempos, which are defined immaculately by the raging double bass-drum beatings. Speed is constant, an essential characteristic of their new sound that give us the chance to headbang and break our necks.Frantic velocity, instrumental progression and huge killer riffing, that was the combination that couldn’t fail: The final result is a memorable masterpiece of Thrash Metal. We have here a splendid thrash masterpiece, memorable energy, attitude and passion of these 6 fierce tunes, then there’s no way you won’t enjoy them. With powerful stuff like this EP in their discography catalog, they'll reach the glory and splendor, anyway, for those who live in the past like me, for those old-school romantics that can’t find any pleasure on the modern dumb thrash sound , here you got a fucking brutal Thrash Metal band!!
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Review by Paul Caravasi

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