Monday, December 29, 2014

Kalki-Almas Inmortales (2014)

The times are already changing. Metal music is changing as well, some for the better, some for the worst. Kalki from Peru comes out with their first album "Almas Inmortales", the album is decent, more like a Stoner sound with some touches of Death Metal vocals. In fact most of the songs have a semi-fast paced tempo. Most of the lyrics and themes for these songs have to deal with hallucinations and psychedelia.It's got a lot of cool riffs, and in fact the distortion on the guitar solos is very unique to their style. The drummer does a good job keeping the tempo, vocal performance is good. This isn't necessarily bad, but it makes the music sound repetitive at times. If you like Saint Vitus, Sabbath you'll like this album. If you are okay with metal bands trying to do something original, you should be fine with this album. Overall not bad, they have potential.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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