Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thrashtorno-Unearthed in the Disaster (2014)

Well known within the thrash community in Peru, but outside they are virtually unknown, which when compared to bands like Violator, seems quite silly. Few bands have stayed a true to the course as Thrashtorno have. The best part is, they stayed thrash, however, they're a standard thrash band, and this new album is the album where they play it enough, thrashing hard, and where they become something special. The album contains plenty of cool riffs, all of which are successes. It's hard to mention an Thrashtorno album and not talk about the drumming and riffs, vocals are what will either make you love or hate this band. The style of the singer is accessible, so if you're here because you've heard their successful album, you're in for a surprise.In my opinion, this is a well done album. The band delivers ferocious music that is supported by a great production job. If you want to get into Thrashtorno, this album will quickly grow on you. Good job Thrashers !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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