Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nervo Chaos-The Art Of Vengeance (2014)

This album is a must have for fans of thrash metal, death metal, or black metal. It seems nobody listens to any other Brazilian bands like the classic  Sarc√≥fago other than their INRI album,Vulcano and all the others, especially this band goes unoticed., at least here in the states. This band has a few ups on their previous releases with a much better production quality but the music here is more technical. Every song on this album is different and every song is catchy. Think Obituary-Slowly We Rot style vocals with a little more grunt to them. Very good death/thrash style guitar work and some amazing drums. There is really no reason not to check this album out. It isn't repetative, so it doesn't get boring and the music is good (whether it is your style or not). Also the first pressing of the album includes a bonus Dvd featuring a documentation of the band's latest tour. It is enjoyable and furious!

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