Monday, December 29, 2014

Thanatos-Global Purification (2014)

Holy shit! This album is simply already a gem of death/thrash metal. Hardly any new albums by any metal artist can touch the intensity and greatness of this old school sound metal release. This is Thanatos doing real extreme music. It's heavy, fast, and intense, with just enough melody to hold together the depths of the evil overall sound. The album starts with a heavy mash of guitars, drums, and tortured death screams with "Global Purification".  Vocals are evil gravel growls which manage still to be intelligible, sometimes a lost art form in death metal. Well, they are the top layer of a wall of heavy, crunchy guitar sounds, with ridiculously good riffing. The riffs on this album are spectacular and probably one of my favorite things about this album and Thanatos in general. Every song has at least two major riff hooks that you will either hum or play on your guitar constantly out of habit and their cool sound. Don't mistake good riffing for melody-- there is no melodic wankery here, strictly old school-style death metal riffing that sounds like it's coming straight out of the dark of a cemetery. The very little melody that does exist is extremely subtle, but holds together the overall sound of the band quite well. However, the chugging, headbanging death metal riffs such as those in "The Murder Of Innocence" or "Infestation Of The Soul" give one a chance to bang your head around in mid-tempo death metal glory, right before the mid-tempo parts burst into blastbeats and vicious tremolo picked riffs from hell, the Thanatos  style of riffing is ridiculously catchy and great while still remaining artistic and containing an atmosphere rarely achieved by any metal bands, especially today. Get this album if you don't have it, what the fuck are you waiting for? This is a fucking awesome record. Thanatos rules !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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