Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Satanika-Satanikattack (2011)

This is nasty stuff! Satanika from Italy are quite possibly the dirtiest, rawest and blackest black/thrash band back today. This release  is a shock to the underground metal scene. This is dirty but well produced. Do I care? No! All of those factors contribute to this release's shine. There is an obvious Venom and early Sodom influences here. Satanikattack is obviously in the vein of those bands, and also it has its own little sense of originality, as with the rest of the songs on here.There are some really, really brutal songs to be found. "Atomic Curse" comes to mind first. It begins with a almost suspenseful strumming with some evil riffs over the top and then just breaks loose! With some fast blast-beats and possessed vocals, this is certainly a precursor to modern black/death metal. It's maybe the heaviest song of this release. "Morbid Priest" is also a killer. And has a similar structure for the beginning like Atomic Curse has.I don't even have any complaints for this. It's not the best release ever,but is pretty great especially for a band formed in 2009. Devastating!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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