Monday, December 15, 2014

Corsair-One Eyed Horse (2015)

Corsair is probably the best example of the merging of the Progressive musical approaches of bands such as Rush and the heavy metal genre as pioneered by the NWOBHM bands, their music is actually about as comparable as night and day, this group of musicians dealt mostly with mystical themes, although this album is a bit of a departure from that approach in favor of a more philosophical approach.In terms of the music, this is a kick ass release, particularly in terms of structure. Songs with all the hooks necessary to be awesome, still have highly catchy choruses and a very straight-forward structure. “One Eyed Horse”, which is my favorite track on this release, is almost a hold over of their early work, in how well it combines the sound of Iron Maiden with their own style, most fans of Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal will definitely eat this band up.It is also necessary to point out, just so that fans of more guitar driven metal aren’t overly disappointed if they choose to take this review as a recommendation to pick up this album. Corsair is not a band that is defined by their guitar solos. Although they do have rather well placed solos that are technical enough, they are in by no means the amazing technical displays that you get out of classic bands like Rush, Black Sabbath, Maiden, or Thin Lizzy. In conclusion, this is an album that is highly accessible to fans of metal outside of Progressive circles. Fans of more traditional metal will find things to like in here, and fans of melodic power metal whom don’t live and die by the cliché drum beats of the style alone might find some keepers on this gem. This comes highly recommended to all said parties. Corsair did it once again. This band is fkn cool !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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