Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Venganza-Santo Maldito (Demo Cassette 2014)

Black metal and grindcore. Two of the most brutal genres of metal. Wait, what's that you say? There is a band which....COMBINES THESE???? Yes indeed, it is true. Venganza do just that on this Demo. And what a fucking take on the style do they pull off! This music is chaotic, raw, fast, unrelenting, and BRUTAL. Yes. Brutal. In every true sense of the word. No stupid moshcore riffs, no stupid pig squeals, no idiotic breakdowns. This is brutal as brutal is meant to be.Though this demo is fairly short, its sound and the conviction in the way songs are played makes it seem as if it were twice as long. The singer vomits lyrics in spanish as if he is puking out damned souls. Though the playing is not necessarily very tight, it makes up for that by being genuine and having an excellent assortment of riffs. Guitars grind along at breakneck speeds, and wail out solos which could raise the dead. Drumming is especially frantic, a frenetic sounding blast, though not being as overtly fast. The way all of the instruments mesh together makes the music sound barbaric, and it's interesting. What else is there to say? Personal favorite track is  "Sacrificio Guerrero".Enough of my rambling. If you are into grindcore, old school extreme metal, raw black metal, or anything of the sort, you need  this demo....Youre still here??? Get off your ass and get this Demo!
Band Contact: venganzabanda@hotmail.com
Review by Paul Caravasi

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