Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Septycal Gorge-Scourge Of The Formless Breed (2014)

As a genre, death metal is mostly appealing because of the combined concentration of technical prowess and unconventional songwriting tendencies. It’s easy to see how a number of people who are taken by the vile, atonal nightmare that is this form of extreme music might also have an affinity for obscure progressive metal or the inevitable hybrid of the two. For its time, it could be said that this band is dabbling in a progressive area, Septycal Gorge particularly cuts like a decrepit guttural ear drum assault, i considered brutal and technical by today’s standards. The inevitable changes in the definitions of terms used to describe metal music might confuse most who are looking to bands like Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth or Necrophagist. This is much closer to what is now considered the archaic sound that is still pushed by Cannibal Corpse in the early days, although its much more potent and will probably hold some appeal for current fans of brutal death who have some appreciation for the roots of death metal. But categories aside, this is an intense listen, especially considering that its made by young metalheads. Everything about it, including the production, are endearing and only further add to an already hearty array of blood and guts. Forget about riding the haunted mansion ride at your nearby amusement park, forget about “House Of A Thousand Corpses”, just listen to this and see if you can avoid getting freaked out !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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